About Us

Orga foods started in the year 2011, providing a healthy life we are concerned with the quality of the food we eat more than ever before. Pesticides, antibiotics, and hormone injections are frequently added to crops and cattle, creating many issues and worries in health minded citizens.

Therefore, Organic food was developed to ensure that people could trust that the food they are eating was grown under most healthful and natural conditions. Orga food isn’t so much a term describes a particular type of food, yet it’s a description of the processes used to grow and manufacture food.

Orga foods is pioneering kinds of business by itself as our customer base have already reached 5000 with over all footfalls crossed to 2.5 Lakhs this year.

Projecting towards environment friendly and strong belief Organic business serves to the environment we live in a more Organic way.

On the current expansion plans for the year 2014 we have plans of opening 3 to 4 Stores in the heart of the city – Coimbatore.

Organic Store - in brief

Organic food is grown in carefully monitored environments. This includes inspections of farms, Soils, food handling and processing equipment and facilities, and testing water. Foods that are grown organically use very little to no artificial ingredients or pesticides. The food is grown, cultivated and harvested and kept in its purest and most natural state. The result is food that is certified to have been grown without the use of artificial preservatives, ingredients, hormones and pesticides.

Another important aspect of Organic food is that in the growing process, great emphasis is placed upon the conditions of the soil. Techniques and methods that encourage naturally renewable sources and conserve water and soil are implemented.

Therefore, not only is the food the best according to quality standards and nutritious content (grown without the use of pesticides, hormones, or artificial means) but you can ensure that the soil is being enhanced and preserved for future farmers. At a time when most of the earth resources are being depleted without much concern for future generations, organic foods offers the assurance that farmer are doing their part to be environmentally conscious and earth friendly.